Observe, understand, learn... "Our savoir-faire"

Behind the name Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie, there's a whole history, built on the passion of our founder and that of all the wonderful men and women who have joined us over the years. Creative ideas, strong values and, above all, traditional savoir-faire, expertise and craftsmanship passed down over the generations, all put to the service of sharing the authentic taste of our region.

A man with a passion for our region"Introducing our region to the rest of the world"

Photo of Jean-Marc Muller Founder of the Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie

Jean-Marc Muller is the founder of Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie, and remains the Managing Director to this day. From a family of millers, it seems like it was his fate to dedicate his life to the world of biscuiterie!

While Bredele recipes (those famous little Christmas biscuits) are closely-guarded family secrets, passed down from generation to generation in Alsace families, the founder of our Maison wanted as many people as possible to discover these sweet, sublime gems, sharing the rich, culinary heritage of our region.

Since the opening of our very first store in Riquewihr in 1996, it is Jean-Marc's love for our region and his passion for the trade that have driven his work, sparking in him a desire to not only share biscuiterie traditions, but also to reinterpret them and add modern twists to keep them in line with the times. The unfaltering, leading objective behind this mission? To propose high-quality, exquisite and generous products.

Guided by a passion for people and the land, Jean-Marc Muller has been able to share his enthusiasm with his team, and he's never shied away from getting his hands dirty - quite literally, in the dough! So, it's not a rare sight to see him working in our Atelier alongside our pâtissiers, or in one of our stores, advising customers…

From ingredients to biscuits... Our biscuitiers, our atelier & how we make our magic

It's from our Atelier in Colmar, nested in the Haut-Rhin region at the heart of Alsace, that our pâtissiers work daily to create our specialities: From Bredele to Macarons de Riquewihr® (or macaroons, as you may know them), not to forget gingerbreads and Kougelhopf, to name but a few! From the most traditional to the most modern creations, all our recipes are shaped around references to our beautiful region.

So, what's the secret to our Maison's success?

Illustrative photo of the

Ingredient selection

At the very beginning of our specialities: Ingredients selected for their origins, freshness and, of course, their quality.

A thorough, hand-selection progress that is subject to intransigent controls, so that we can guarantee you enjoy the same excellence, every time you enjoy one of our products…

Illustrative photo of the

Mastering each step

From preparing the dough to baking our products, each step is a demonstration of our pâtissiers' unique savoir-faire and talent.

Placing a walnut atop of Soft Bredele, pairing together two macaron shells, decorating gingerbread… No step is rushed in our Atelier, and countless of these steps are carried out by hand.

The care we give to each detail is found throughout the process, right up to placing our products into their packets and making up our gift boxes and luxury tins: Our biscuits are carefully selected and placed into their packaging by hand. This way, you know that when you get one of our lovingly curated assortments, it will be delight for both your eyes and your tastebuds!

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A new take on biscuiterie

We're working with a creative and innovative process through a bold way of looking at tradition, so that our biscuitier heritage continues to shine, and so that gourmands (foodies and lover of fine things) can experience our region's delicacies.

Thanks to our experience, and with the utmost respect for our roots and our craft, we work everyday to ensure that each of our recipes offers you an experience packed with unique flavours and which builds a truly singular taste identity: The taste of the Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie…

From our biscuits to you! Our customer advisers and stores

Our Maison is made up of 12 stores around Alsace and Lorraine, waiting to welcome you and guide you through our wonderful product ranges, and of course, inviting you to taste a Bredele…

"Sharing: The driving value behind our stores!

The Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie was founded over the notion of sharing. A value quite literally shared through our stores, with the aim of giving everyone a chance to discover one of our biscuits.

Our customer advisers will be more than happy to tell you all about the stories behind our specialities, and to guide you as you put together your ideal assortment.

"The generosity of our region"

In our stores, you'll find an impressive range of Bredele: With a crunch or melt-in-the-mouth, in grooved domes, small squares or star shapes, topped with icing sugar or chocolate…

The variety of our products reflects the diversity of our lands here in Alsace.

"Fresh products, every day"

You'll know when you're getting closer to one of our stores, as the indulgent aromas of our baking foods: Each day, our teams bake Macarons de Riquewihr® and Kougelhopfs on-site.

Following the rhythm of the seasons, you'll be offered other delicious specialities fresh from the oven…

Discover our stores

"Our website, our store ready to serve you, wherever you are"

Our website is a store for all those of you who want to discover and enjoy our little pieces of Alsace from you very own home.

Your orders are prepared in our Atelier and carefully packaged in order to ensure that your parcel arrives in perfect conditions, and most importantly, ready to be enjoyed!

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Total satisfaction guaranteed... Our commitment

Through our stores, both physical and online, we're driven by the mission of introducing the Alsace art of biscuiterie to foodies and lovers of the finer things in life from round the world, and to give Alsace locals somewhere where they know they can reconnect with their delicious traditions, filled with history, emotion and memories…

Through our stores, both online and physical, our Maison has now become a major ambassador for Alsace biscuiterie.