La Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie "The history of our Maison"

For more than 20 years, our Maison has shaped its wonderful history through its specialities. From the Macaron de Riquewihr to the Kougelhopf, not forgetting our famous Christmas Bredele, each of these sweet delights tell the magnificent story of the Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie. Here, you can discover how our Maison has evolved its art, taking its place at the forefront of Alsace biscuiterie.

*Little Christmas biscuits

The foundations of our Maison! "The Macaron de Riquewihr®"

Also known as a "Kokosmakronen" or a "macaroon", this sumptuous delight is one of the most popular "Bredele" in Alsace, and it was also the first biscuit proposed by our Maison to our customers.

Back in the day, when our bakery was found in a small unit with a shop floor, covering just 22 m² at 49 de la rue du Général de Gaulle, right in the heart of Riquewihr, our Founder, Jean-Marc Muller. hand-crafted and sold these sweet delicacies.

Baked in a traditional oven, it was easy to tell when these small, grooved domes were ready, as the delicious aromas of warm sugar and coconut drifted through the air. These comforting fragrances soon won the hearts, and tastebuds, of our customers. They become such a hit, and their tantalising aroma became such a well-loved feature of the city centre streets that our customers started calling them Macarons de Riquewihr®, making this small biscuit a genuine speciality, and our first credentials in the art of biscuiterie.

Photograph of a pistachio macaroon

Photograph of a classic macaroon or

Photograph of a chocolate macaroon

Our first brand! “COCO-LM” was born...

Our very first brand name came about thanks to our speciality, Macaron de Riquewihr®: "COCO-LM".

Of course, the name was inspired by the star ingredient: To the former half of COCOnut, we attached the first letters of the surnames of Mr L'Owert, a partner of the company from the very beginning, and of Jean-Marc M'uller to form our Maison's very first brand identity.

Coco L'M logo


Photograph of pistachios

Photograph of chocolate shavings

Photograph of an orange

New members for the Macaron family! "Chocolate, Pistachio, Orange, etc."

After the huge hit of our Macarons de Riquewihr®, several versions soon followed. The chocolate macaroon and the rum & raisin were the first variations of our original creation, and to this day we use the same recipe! Over the years, several versions combining various flavours came about: Pistachio, orange, etc., to name but a few! These new twists on the classic add to the range lovingly curated by our founder and his team.

Diversity made possible by the recruitment of new talents in the domain of pâtisserie and chocolaterie, as well as the use of emerging technologies which played a key role of facilitating the processes for creating the uniform shape of our Macarons de Riquewihr®.

Get to know J-M. Muller

Photo of Jean-Marc Muller and a patisserie machine

A priceless treasure! "Inspired by family recipes"

Alongside the Macarons de Riquewihr®, we added other specialities such as "Bredele" butter biscuits and soft biscuits: Traditional Alsace creations inspired by family recipe books, passed down through the generations. All of these unique and precious books are stored with the utmost care, and closely guarded.

The growing success of our biscuits, not to mention our expanding range, meant that we had to pack up our biscuit production at 49 Rue du Général de Gaulle in Riquewihr, to use that space solely for selling our goods. Little over four years after our initial opening, our Maison set up shop in Colmar, in much larger space, currently our Atelier de Création, perfect for making all our specialities.

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Photograph of a Siess G'nuss soft bredele

Liabsti & Siess g’nuss! "Exclusives, from our Maison to yours"

Drawing more inspiration than ever before from our region and our traditions, our Maison created a new Bredele, bringing together a sumptuously smooth mixture with generous helpings of almond and candied lemon peel: Hence the Lemon Square was born! Very quickly, this little biscuit became a resounding success and our customers, who were rapidly growing in numbers, some already won over by our initial creations, and others seeking something special to pair with their cup of tea or coffee.

This recipe evolved over time, developed into several flavours such as orange, mocha, walnut, almond, pistachio and chocolate, and came to be what are now our Liabsti and Siess G'nuss.

While we may have tweaked the production lines for these specialities over the years, the hand-crafted steps and time lovingly spent on each detail remain essential, and our Maison will never compromise on them. This is why the almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts used for our Liabsti and Siess G'nuss are always added carefully by hand.

Photo of a Liabsti

Photograph of almonds

13 stores ready to serve... "At the heart of our stores"

Figureheads of our Maison, our 12 stores open up their doors to invited you into our world of delicious indulgence. Our Macarons de Riquewihr® and Kougelhopfs, baked in-store each day, fragrance the air with their enticing aromas, beckoning passers-by to come and try them for themselves… Once you step over our doorstep, prepare to be won over by our huge range of sweet specialities. An experience for all the senses which is enhanced further by the chance to taste on our Bredele…

Our stores are spaces for sharing and connecting over our delicious products. Meeting and sharing with you is an endless source of inspiration for us when we're working on the creations of tomorrow, as we can get your feedback on what you've tasted so far and hear your suggestions for what you'd like to see and taste. To us, your opinions are priceless.

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Sharing our savoir-faire "Trade shows, and fairs and online, oh my!"

A souvenir from a getaway, during which you discovered our beautiful region… Picture this: During a stroll through the old town centre of Colmar or Strasbourg, on a quest to find the perfect, original gift to take home for your loved ones, you pushed open the door to one of our stores to buy a luxury tin of our authentic Bredele or a delicious Kougelhopf. Just imagine the huge smiles melting across your friends' faces as they taste these "Little pieces of Alsace"! The only hitch? They'll be so popular, you'll wish you'd bought even more!


Creation of our online store

Our Maison had been looking at ways to serve customers all around the country: The very first version of our website was launched. At the time, online retail was in its early days, but our Maison was at the leading edge of this new world of opportunity: Foodies could now order our "little pieces of Alsace" and have them delivered all around France. Now, we have customers coming from across Europe, and from all around the globe!


Our very first food & drink trade shows

Whether it's at renowned events such as the International Agriculture Exhibition in Paris, or smaller-scale events such as the Lyon Funfair, our Maison is always proud to represent the art of Alsace biscuiterie. These events aren't just wonderful opportunities for us to share our culinary heritage - they're also a fabulous chance to catch up with our Maison's regular customers!

Photograph of an Aniseed Bredele


Our macarons! "From Bredele to French pâtisserie classics, it's all in the ruffs…"

An aniseed biscuit with a great snap, the Anisbredele is a complex creation that has been perfectly mastered by our pâtissiers. It was also one of our first specialities, and this oh-so-Alsace biscuit was an instant hit with those who tasted it. Its smooth shell and ruff may well have you thinking of macarons…

While working on the development of this biscuit, in 2009 we turned our hand to intricate art of "macaronage" to create our Macaron range. A success to this day, which we've continuously enhanced with various, unique flavours, delighting fans of this French pâtisserie icon…

Photograph of a pistachio macaron

Photograph of a strawberry macaron

Photograph of a chocolate macaron

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Shaking up traditions! "Easter doesn't end with chocolate…"

Alsace is a region with a rich cultural heritage, woven with popular, living traditions which are passed on through not only its folklore, but also its cuisine and its bakery and biscuiterie specialities. Easter celebrations have been the perfect occasion for our Maison to bring together the art of biscuiterie and the art of chocolate. As everyone knows, as Easter approaches, chocolatiers roll up their sleeves to inundate us with chocolate treats, whereas biscuits tend to take a back seat. In our Maison, we believe that it doesn't have to be simply one or the other when it comes to chocolate and biscuits.

Imagine this: An all-butter biscuit, topped with a generous layer of authentic praline and covered with a fine chocolate round, decoration with an image of an Easter animal… In two years, this speciality became one of our Maison's must-try products. We take this alliance between the two delicious words of chocolate and biscuit and, each year, we create new specialities that rejuvenate traditions and enchant your curious palates…

Photograph of Easter biscuits


A new brand! Coco-LM is now "Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie"

We're having a name change, from COCO-LM to Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie. We've chosen this name to express and reassert the authenticity of the recipes we create and the resulting regional specialities.


When science meets flavour! "The Soft Kougelhopf Thesis..."

Photos showcasing Kougelhopf

Photos showcasing Kougelhopf

Despite being an iconic Alsace delicacy, this brioche has sometimes been tarred with a bad reputation for having a dry texture. Now, our Maison couldn't let this wonderful brioche fall under the radar of foodies from Alsace and around the world, so we took on the challenge of transforming the Kougelhopf into a soft, buttery brioche with flavour properties so sumptuous that no-one could call it dry! So, in 2013, we put together a team including a food engineer, two pâtissiers, and a doctor in agri-food, and they set to work, thoroughly testing and trialling difference recipes until they found The Recipe, the one that exceeded even our wildest hopes for the humble Kougelhopf. Thanks to this considerable progress, you can now enjoy a Kougelhopf with an exceptional, melt-in-the-mouth texture…

1996-2016; 20 years of our wonderful Maison! "A Macaron de Riquewihr to celebrate 20 years of our delicacies"

The team have all gathered together to celebrate this anniversary with the creation of a Passionfruit Macaron de Riquewihr®, offering a fabulous twist on one of our Maison's original customer favourites: A blend of tradition, authenticity, innovation and boldness…

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Photograph of a Passionfruit Macaron de Riquewihr®

The perfect tin for our Bredele! "Our Maison's biscuit tins…"

Photograph of a bredele tin (1)

Our biscuits and small cakes are offered up in our beautiful tins. Many cultures hold the traditional biscuit tin in high esteem, and it's often an item loaded with wonderful nostalgia. In Alsace, they're traditionally used to store the Bredele that they've made during Advent.

Our tins were initially decorated with traditional scenes by Oncle Hansi (renowned Alsace artist, Jean-Jacques Waltz), or other scenes immortalised by Henri Loux on "Obernai" Sarreguemines pottery.

Photograph of a bredele tin (2)

Then, we soon started decorating the tins with illustrations created especially for our Maison by incredible, renowned Alsace artists, such as Georges Ratkoff. Whilst traditional Alsace imagery is still a proud feature of our designs, it now features alongside more modern creations, in our Maison's branding.

Each year, for end-of-year and springtime celebrations, our designer comes up with a new, limited edition tin. Tins eagerly collected by our Maison's regulars!

Photograph of a bredele tin (3)

Today! "Savoir-faire - expertise at the service of your satisfaction…"

The Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie now has 52 team members, 13 stores across Alsace and Lorraine (the baker's dozen - 14 including our headquarters!) and almost as many Christmas Market chalets, not to mentions our dozens upon dozens of biscuiterie creations and specialities.

Plus, there are the thousands of biscuit-lovers who share our passion.

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