All-butter bredele

Bredele - also known as Bredala or Bredle - are small, Christmas biscuits, synonymous with Alsace festive traditions. You can find them piled up in the cosy chalets of Alsace Christmas Markets, and they're mostly enjoyed during the Advent period. However, the delicious enjoyment doesn't end in December with us, and you can buy bredele all year-round in our 12 stores around Alsace and Lorraine.

What is a bredele?

Bredele literally means "biscuits" in the local Alsace dialect. This name now refers specifically to little Christmas biscuits: Dozens of types of little biscuits in a variety of shapes and flavours.

Their recipes are passed down from generation to generation, and making them in the run-up to Christmas is a real ritual for Alsace families! To make bredele, the ingredients used are the same found in classic biscuiterie: Flour, butter, eggs… Then, you can find a host of more exotic ingredients added for different varieties, including spices, such as cinnamon, vanilla and ginger, as well as dried fruit and nuts, such as almonds, walnuts and pistachios.

There are several ways to make these small, Christmas Alsace biscuits: They're mostly cut out using cookie cutters, like we do for our Marbré Damier or Schwowebredele. However, they can also be formed using piping bags.

The exceptional quality of our Maison

These methods are passed on between the generations of our Maison's pâtissiers. All year-round, our bredele are made in our Colmar bakery. It all starts with a demanding selection process for the ingredients that we use in our recipes, and continues up to the choice of the most appropriate production method, whether it's traditional or modern. Each step of the process is equally important, well represented by the nut delicately placed on top of a bredele, for example. Lastly, the biscuits are hand-packed into our luxury tins and packets, always with the utmost care taken over the product.

Our all-butter bredele

Our range of all-butter bredele offers wonderful diversity in shapes, colours and flavours. Whatever your taste, our Alsace biscuits make a wonderful accompaniment for your teas and coffees, afternoon teas, desserts or for any other occasion. They also make a perfectly delicious and original gift to share and enjoy all year-round!