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Strasbourg and its Region Tourist Office

Strasbourg: The most wonderful Christmas capital! With its magnificent cathedral, carved from stone to create art worthy of lace, Strasbourg is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Thanks to the wealth and density of its heritage, the whole city centre has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Between its history, gastronomy and lifestyle, Strasbourg certainly is well worth a visit!

Strasbourg Tourist Office official website

Obernai Tourist Office

The second-most visited city in the Bas-Rhin region, Obernai is certainly an unmissable step on the renowned Wine Route. A former medieval city and part of the Décapole (an alliance of ten cities formed in 1354 by the Roman Empire), it was founded in the foothills of the Vosges mountain range.

Elected as one of the "Most Beautiful Detours in France", Obernai enchants visits with its quaint streets and authentic, timbered houses. It's also the ideal starting point for heading to the spiritual headland of Mont-Sainte-Odile.

Obernai Tourist Office official website

Colmar Tourist Office

An elected City of Art and Culture, Colmar is renowned around the globe or its architectural treasures, which have been lovingly preserved by a vibrant city on a human scale.

In its historic centre, your eyes will be dawn to the countless treasures of its exceptional heritage. Plus, its central position has earned it the title of Capital of Alsace Wines. We'd advise making it your starting point for a trip along the Wine Route, or for a truly magical tour of the Christmas Markets of Alsace.

Colmar Tourist Office official website

Mulhouse and its region Tourist Office and Convention Centre

The historic centre, the Cité de l'Automobile, the Cité du Train, the Eco-Museum, the Botanical Gardens and Zoo… There are so many things to discover in this unique city, which has even been nicknamed the "French Manchester"! Its exceptional heritage has earned it the title of a City of Art and History, granted by the French Minister for Culture.

Mulhouse is a city like no other: This working city has been shaped by its industrial past, and offers an incredible wealth of history alongside an incredible natural heritage and countless cultural events…

Mulhouse Tourist Office official website

Pays de Ribeauvillé-Riquewihr Tourist Office

Here, you'll find the most beautiful and charming wine-growing villages that Alsace has to offer. Between the fields, the vineyards and the mountains, 16 municipalities along the famous Alsace Wine Route have perfectly preserved their authenticity…

These pearls nestled amongst the wine-growing region will reveal to you incredible landscapes, with quaint, fairytale villages sat in the foothills of the Vosges mountain range… On flatter ground, the patchwork landscape is composed of fields of hay, reedbeds, small woodlands, full of oak, hornbeam and idyllic groves.

Ribeauvillé-Riquewihr Tourist Office official website

Pays d’Eguisheim Tourist Office

At the heart of the flowers and vines, the team at the Tourist Office are waiting to introduce you to this typical Alsace village, a permanent feature on the list of Most Beautiful Villages in France since 2003…

A Grand Prix National du Fleurissement winner for its incredible flowers since 1989, not to mention it claiming the Médaille d'or du Concours Européen de l'Entente Florale in 2006... Eguisheim, the birthplace of Alsace wine-making, wound around the concentric and colourful circles surrounding its château, has lost count of its titles of nobility.

Pays d’Eguisheim Tourist Office official website

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