An exclusive range

Traditionally enjoyed during the Advent period in Alsace, gingerbreads are now a favourite all year-round, particularly as a treat alongside a hot drink. Alongside the must-try 70% honey gingerbread, our Maison also offers you an exclusive range of small, spiced biscuits, made with care by our pâtissiers…

A variety of ingredients

Leckerli, Hazelnut Gingerbread, Gingerli… Our gingerbread specialities are unique and boast original compositions: With honey, filled with candied fruit or hazelnut pieces, lifted by warming ginger tones, flavoured with Kirsch, or even enrobed in a chocolate coating. Of course, you can't overlook the wonderful bouquet of spices used to create their iconic base flavour: Coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, cloves…

Each little gingerbread is wonderfully soft, revealing a treasure trove of flavours, bringing a kick of heat and a stroke of sweetness.

Our savoir-faire, our expertise

To create this collection, our pâtissiers drew inspiration from authentic and traditional Alsace recipes, as well as some Swiss baking roots, forming a range that seduces everyone who tries it with its diversity and originality.

Our gingerbreads are made with the utmost respect for tradition: By letting the mixture rest for a long time, it gives the finished gingerbread a wonderfully soft texture and enhances its taste.

Made using only high-quality ingredients, our specialities offer your tastebuds a harmonious and balanced mix of spices, carefully hand-selected by our Maison.

For an indulgent afternoon treat…

Perfect served alongside a glass of cold milk, if you're feeling nostalgic, or a Viennois hot chocolate, if you fancy something more luxurious.