Soft bredele

Almonds and whole lot of savoir-faire

Our soft bredele are little biscuits, characterised by their generous doses of almonds and their melt-in-the-mouth texture. Exclusive to our Maison, the originality of their recipe lies in the importance granted to the almond: An ingredient which gives these bredele their incomparably soft texture and taste. Citrus fruit, nuts and other floral notes make these specialities a huge hit! Delicately iced, occasionally decorated with a pistachio, almond or sugar crystals that have been carefully hand-placed, these bite-sized treats are true pleasures for the eyes and palate alike.

One range, three collections

The Siess g’nuss

An Alsatian name, that at first glance looks pretty challenging to pronounce, can be translated as "little pleasures". Small mouthfuls, with generous helpings of almonds and hazelnuts, pistachio or even walnuts. These soft, little biscuits are decorated with a smooth, glossy icing. A nut positioned carefully atop these sugary gems adds an elegant, finishing touch to their indulgence…


Also known widely as "mes préférés" ("my favourites"), an affectionate name for these little rounds offering a generous dose of almonds. With orange, lemon, mocha and chocolate flavours, the quality of the essential oils and other ingredients selected are a key element in creating their sublime tastes and smooth, luxurious textures.

Almond truffles

These grooved, dome-shaped and bite-sized colourful treats are our pâtissiers' liberal and unique take on truffles. Our delicious almond-based delights melt in your mouth to reveal their secret: A smooth, liquid velvet centre made with fruits from our region. Mirabelle plums, raspberries, and even damson plums: Their acidic notes go perfectly with the sweet almond… In just one mouthful, our truffles will transport you into a universe bursting with delicate pleasures.