Mothers' Day 2019: Hibiscus is blooming!

Publié le : 2019-04-29 09:07:27
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To celebrate Mothers' Day on Sunday 26 May 2019, our Maison has whipped up some delectable products for those very important ladies who are our everyday superheroes: Mums. To give her a treat she'll love, we've decided to showcase a new floral flavour, hibiscus, through a brand new bredele: the Hibiscus Délice, alongside a new selection: the Rose & Hibiscus Duo.

Flavour of the year

Named "Flavour of the year 2019" by Firmenich, hibiscus is the up-and-coming alternative choice when it comes to sweet flavours. Alongside its dreamy tasting notes, it carries an image of relaxation, pleasure and well-being, which is exactly what consumers are looking for. Mostly used to flavour yoghurts, beers, teas and chocolates, we thought, why not try it in the art of biscuits? Our Maison is offering you two exclusive creations…

An ode to joy

Rich in taste, the specialities of our Maison are also a form of enrichment for the senses. Specially designed and created - In limited edition for Mothers' Day 2019, a lot of thought went into the selection of hibiscus as the main star of our exclusive creation. With its heart-shaped form, lovingly coloured glaze and its indulgent aroma, the Hibiscus Délice is an ode to joy. It also marks the much awaited return of a more relaxed lifestyle, as the summer season arrives. An original combination of smooth almond notes and the elegant fragrances of hibiscus, these delicious bredele promise a moment of unequalled indulgence.

A duo that will put a smile on her face

Opt for the somewhat surprising and original combination of the smooth and velvety almond paste with the floral flavours of our new selection: the Rose & Hibiscus Duo. High in colour, our exclusive duo is ticking all the boxes. This indulgent anthology is, without a doubt, the perfect gift to share with your loved ones.

A selection that will delight

The buzz words for our Mothers' Day 2019 selection: Originality, delicacy and pleasure. Opt for the melt-in-the-mouth softness and gentle touch of floral notes as the perfect way of saying "I love you" to that special lady. Created with mothers in mind, our selection and its generous almond and melt-in-the-mouth texture will certainly delight your Mum!

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