Our Schenkele and Carnival beignets are now in stores!

Published: 2024-01-26 09:00:00
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The tradition of the Carnival and parades have been well-rooted in Alsace for many decades. Hugely influenced by Rhine carnivals, as well as by our Swiss and German friends, Alsace carnivals chase away the winter cold and celebrate the arrival of springtime. A wonderful occasion to celebrate in the streets, dress up, and enjoy crepes, waffles, Schenkele and other Carnival beignets!


Calling all fans of Schenkele and beignets!

From today, Friday 26 January, to 4 March, you'll once again find our beignets and Schenkele (or Schankala) in our stores! Available individually or in sharing packs, you're going to love our Schenkele and beignet range - classic, raspberry, chocolate hazelnut, apple & cinnamon.

Traditionally made for the Carnival, our Schenkele are little beignets made with organic spelt flour, flavoured with Alsace kirsch, and rolled in cinnamon sugar.

As for our beignets, they're delicately flavoured with vanilla and lemon, and are rolled in sugar. They're particularly generously dosed with their fillings (raspberry, chocolate hazelnut, apple & cinnamon). They're perfect alongside a cup of coffee or tea, or as dessert, shared with friends and family… Wonderfully indulgent, you won't be able to resist these warming Carnival flavours…

Where to buy our Carnival Beignets in Alsace

Here's a list of the Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie stores in Alsace and Lorraine, where you'll find all our Schenkele and Carnival beignets:

  • Strasbourg: Store located at 16 rue du Dôme
  • Colmar: Stores located at 16 rue des Boulangers and 14 place de la Cathédrale
  • Mulhouse: Store located at 22 rue Henriette
  • Obernai: Store located at 9 rue de Sélestat
  • Metz: Store located at 4 rue du Grand-Cerf
  • Eguisheim: Store located 12 place Câteau Saint-Léon
  • Riquewihr: Store located 2 rue du Général de Gaulle

For further information on our stores and their opening hours, please see our store list.

A traditional Schenkele recipe

Fancy trying your hand at making your Schenkele at home? Head to our blog to discover a Schenkele recipe - traditional Alsace Carnival beignetsDiscover the Schenkele recipe

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