Celebrate Easter with our indulgent creations!

Published: 2024-02-22 15:24:29
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As Easter approaches, join us on a delicious springtime adventure: The perfect pairing of wonder and indulgence. To mark the occasion, we’ve whipped up a decadent adventure to be explored through our creations. Each week, we’ll reveal a new chapter in this tale of Easter indulgence, so make sure to follow along!

Here at the Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie, Easter is one of our favourite times of the year! This year, we’ve organised some big celebrations with all our sumptuous creations, and we’d love for you to join us!

Our first guest of honour: The Alsace Stork

Here at the Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie, we’ve got a particular soft spot for storks, but not just any storks! We’re talking about the ones with a bright red beak, black and white feathers, a delicately chocolatey scent, and an elegant silhouette with an irresistible snap… An emblematic symbol of Alsace and the region’s traditions, and also of its values of indulgence and sharing. Each year at the start of the winter season, our storks take flight for far-off countries, where they seek out the finest cocoa flavours before coming back just in time for spring. Each of them carefully prepares for their long journey. They take great care as they collect their precious eggs, with perfectly crisp sugar shells and a decadent praline centre. The storks then delicately bundle up their eggs in a scarf, which they carry in their beaks. After several days of gliding through the skies, one of the storks starts to get tired. She tries her hardest, but after falling behind several times, her bundle is swinging around so much that her eggs slip out and fall into the clouds…

•	We're setting off on a delicious adventure this Easter - Our Stork!

The Easter Bunny: Always on time

Whilst the stork is on her far-off adventures, just a few miles from our Atelier, the ears of an Easter Bunny (also known as Osterhase in the Alsace region) are popping up. Made of 100% sumptuous chocolate, with elegant traits that show off all of his chocolatier father's expertise, the Easter Bunny was frolicking around, excited to be heading back to his home: The Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie! After walking for a few minutes, his nose began to twitch as he picked up a wonderful, sweet scent of cocoa mixed with praline. Suddenly, his sack became heaver, as if it was gradually getting fuller and fuller with every step he took. He peered into the sack and discovered that the Stork’s eggs had fallen into it! Looking up to the sky, he spotted the Stork and called out to her, promising to find and collect her eggs in time for the Atelier's Easter celebrations. He would make sure that the precious eggs are safe and sound, and back on their way to the Atelier…

The Easter Bunny: Always on time

The Lamala: The sweetest little lamb

As the Easter Bunny continued on his way, a Little Lamb suddenly appeared, in a cloud of sweet, lemony fragrance. Panicking, he was running with no set direction and was clearly lost. He was also invited to the Easter afternoon tea, and although the Little Lamb had set off in plenty of time, he had still gotten lost. A few minutes after he left home, he got caught in an icing sugar storm, which had made him lose the main path. The Easter Bunny was touched by the Lamala's innocence and gentleness, so he untied the ribbon on his hat to attach it to the Little Lamb’s neck, so he could guide him to the Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie…

We're setting off on a delicious adventure this Easter - Our Lamala!

Let the celebrations begin

To welcome them to our Grand Easter Celebrations, we pulled out all the stops! We brought out our lace tablecloth, traditional Alsace pottery, flowers and streamers… Everything we need for an exceptional afternoon tea! The Easter Bunny, or Osterhase, was the first one to come hopping through the door, followed closely by the Lamala. The Stork arrived soon after, happy to see her eggs had made it safely. They were so happy to all be together again, the celebrations were certainly not short of smiles (or chocolate)! Friends finally reunited, we can’t wait to celebrate Easter together — and with you! On the menu: Delicious biscuits, all types of chocolate in all shapes, traditional figures, sweet and velvety praline, butter biscuits with a satisfying crunch… All our Osterbredele are back and ready to treat your tastebus!

Our Easter heroes reunited: Happy Easter 2024!

Our entire team is delighted to be reunited with our Easter favourites so that we can celebrate a wonderful Easter, full of indulgence, joy, and treating yourself!

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