Recipe: Iced Latte

Published: 2024-07-05 11:44:19
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An iced coffee latte to make home, easy and fast to do!   Table with an iced coffee, a Kougelhopf and a slice of Kougelhopf.   Beautiful sliced Kougelhopf, whose interior can be seen, to match with a latte coffee!


Are you a die-hard coffee lover or just need your caffeine hit to wake up in the morning, but the summer heat makes it less tempting? Well, there's a reason why summer is synonymous with iced coffee season!

You'll spot this tending coffee on every terrace in town this summer, and in even better news, it's super quick and easy to make yourself! So, you can treat yourself to some extra-delicious and refreshing coffee breaks this summer.

Here, we've put together our top recipe for an iced latte that guarantees an intense hit of sweet indulgence.

Practical info


Very easy

Preparation time:

5 minutes


1 serving


  • 100–200 ml milk (dairy milk or plant-based, the choice is yours)
  • Espresso coffee (capsule or ground coffee for connoisseurs)
  • 6 ice cubes
  • 2 tsp brown sugar or condensed milk


Fill two-thirds of a tall glass with ice cubes to keep your drink nice and cool for as long as possible. If you like, you could even make milk ice cubes in your freezer!

Pour the milk into the glass.
If you want to level up your iced coffee game, you can whisk it up in a shaker or blender beforehand to create a more velvety and decadent treat (but this step is optional).

Add the sugar or condensed milk into the glass, then mix.

In the meantime, prepare two or three espresso shots in a mug.
Any coffee that you enjoy will do the trick. That said, for the connoisseurs amongst you, we recommend: an Ethiopian or Peruvian coffee, which have fruity aromas go wonderfully in milky drinks; a Columbian coffee which offers up a bold body and acidity that create an interesting contrast with the sweetness of the milk; or even a Brazilian coffee which is softer and more neutral, with nutty notes that go perfectly with this recipe.

Pour the hot coffee directly over the milk and ice cubes.

All that's left is to kick back and enjoy it…

Top tip:

For an even more indulgent drink, you can add in an extra special touch! If you want any inspo, we'd suggest: Topping your iced coffee with whipped cream or adding in your favourite syrup…

Our serving recommendations

Our Maison recommends pairing this drink with the star pâtisserie of our region: the Kougelhopf. A generous slice of beautifully buttery brioche with raisins and almonds will deliciously bring out the flavours in your iced coffee… Perfect for any time of day, this is a treat to be enjoyed entirely guilt-free; this is set to be your new summer staple!

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