Atelier secrets: Strawberry preserve

Published: 2022-03-16 11:45:38
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In this article, our Maison will reveal to you its top secrets for creating the perfect strawberry preserve for serving alongside our Lamala at an Easter get-together

Why strawberry preserve?

We've chosen strawberry preserve as it's a timeless classic that never fails to please. Whether you knew it as preserve, jam, jelly or something else entirely, without a doubt, it's the preferred preserve of sweet-toothed foodies of all ages, its name alone conjures up nostalgic memories, and the slightest taste will evoke images of sweet, comforting breakfasts: Who hasn't got a memory of enjoying a slice of wonderfully soft bread slathered with butter and preserve after school?

The ingredients

The secret lies in its ingredients: Sugar, just like in any good, traditional preserve; Strawberries picked from Alsace orchards and fruit fields, selected for their flavours and the fact that they've been harvested at exactly the right moment; A touch of lemon balm, adding that little "extra" that makes all the difference, with a hint of citrus which enhances the strawberry. A little lemon juice, to add to the ideal preserve texture by conserving its stunning colours.

The copper cooking pot

On top of revealing the high-quality ingredients of this strawberry preserve, we're also going to let you in on the secrets of its preparation: What makes our preserve so generously dosed with fruit and rich in taste? A must-have for traditional preserve-making… A copper cooking pot!

Cooking up a preserve in a copper pot means that there's better heat distribution, so there's a wonderful crystallisation of the fruit, promoting its transformation into a preserve with a smooth, luxurious texture. As a result of this preparation, you'll get our deliciously sweet strawberry preserve…

Our Easter Celebration

It seems pretty natural to us that we've associated Easter with our Lamala: An Easter lamb made of a wonderfully soft cake made with almonds and a subtle hint of lemon zest. Its melt-in-the-mouth texture simply begs to be paired with a layer of preserve, creating a delicious Easter celebration that will bring together friends and family, over breakfast or alongside an afternoon tea…

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