Lillikoug infused with Marc de Gewurztraminer

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    Set out on the flavourful adventure of discovering the talented and generous spirit of our region through the Lillikoug® infused with Marc de Gewurztraminer: An authentic Kougelhopf soaked in a delicately alcoholic syrup. A true delight for the palate, this unique combination is a tribute to the pâtisserie expertise of our region and its art of distilling.

    Jar of 5 pieces – 600 g

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    Tasting notes

    Marc de Gewurztraminer, almond, butter.

    Lillikoug infused with Marc de Gewurztraminer: The mini Kougelhopf

    To create the Lillikoug® - meaning "Little Kougelhopf" - our Maison set out on a wonderful adventure: Taking the emblematic Alsace brioche and transforming it into a fine and exquisite dessert. To do this, our pâtissiers have created a miniature version and soaked in a delicate syrup infused with Marc de Gewurztraminer, selected especially for its aroma. An exceptional harmony is created through this well-balanced pairing, full of opulent sensations, quintessentially embodying our region!

    When biscuiterie meets distilling: The alliance of two elements of the Alsace region's finest expertise.

    To tell you the story of our region, our Maison has chosen one of the best-known brandies in Alsace and France: Marc de Gewurztraminer. Made with our region's most prestigious grape varieties, it's distilled slowly to preserve all of its wonderful aromatic profile, and to fully release the musky and spiced flavours. Just like the Damson Plum brandy or Alsace Kirsch, the Alsace Marc perpetuates the long-standing tradition of quality and elegance found on French tables. Its lingering presence in the mouth and its finesse perfectly sublime the incomparable and authentic flavour of the Alsace Kougelhopf.

    True exaltation for the palate, this new creation from our talented pâtissiers invites fans of the finer things in life to treat their senses to a unique combination of two of our region's greatest traditions: Its pâtisserie expertise and its art of distilling.

    The Lillikoug® is also available infused with Alsace Damson Plum, Alsace Kirsch and now Williams Pear.

    The spirit of Alsace desserts

    Fans of the finer tastes in life are sure to delight in this decadent pleasure, rooted in the culture of our region. We wouldn't be surprised if you find yourself enjoying with a spoon, straight from its gorgeous jar. To discover the talented and generous of our beautiful region and enjoy this dessert at its finest, enhance it with ice cream and fruit. The cold touch will gently revive the flavours and aromas of the brandy…

    Our serving tips

    To showcase these mini Kougelhopfs with even more elegance, our Maison recommends serving them with a scoop of ice cream - vanilla is ideal - or candied fruits or a fruit salad with cherries, peaches, apricot and even pineapple.

    To enjoy this creation by our Maison whilst upholding the finesse of the art, whilst also delighting your guests, follow our recipe for a Lillikoug ice cream sandwich or for serving it with pan-friend damson plums.

    Before enjoying the Lillikoug®, leave them to come up to room temperature for at least 10 minutes.

    Syrup (sugar, water, Marc de Gewurztraminer brandy 11.4%), flour (GLUTEN), EGG, sugar, butter (MILK), raisin, MILK, salt, ALMOND, baking powder: disodium diphosphate - sodium hydrogen carbonate, cornflour.

    All our products are made in a bakery which uses wheat flour (gluten), milk (lactose), eggs, nuts (almond, hazelnut, pistachio, walnut), sesame, soya derivative, peanuts and ingredients which may contain traces of sulphites.

    Nutritional values per 100g

    Energy 1159 kj
    Energy 275 kcal
    Fats 5.2 g
    > Of which saturates 2.9 g
    Carbohydrates 48 g
    > Of which sugars 43 g
    Protein 1.8 g
    Salt 0.08 g
    Alcohol 4.1 g

    Store in a cool, dry place.

    To make sure you experience the best flavours and textures our speciality has to offer, we recommend enjoying it within 30 days of shipment from our Atelier. So you can enjoy the indulgence at its finest.

    After opening, store chilled and consume within 7 days. Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to health. Consume in moderation.

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