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Published: 2024-06-12 11:03:29
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Father’s Day is fast approaching... are you looking for gift ideas to show him just how much you love him? Our Maison offers you the best gift ideas to ensure that your Dad has a memorable celebration...

How did Father’s Day come about?

With origins tracing back to the Middle Ages in certain countries in Europe, its official status has still not been made known, nor is it celebrated universally. The social celebration as we know it today made its way across the Atlantic in the early 20th century, at the initiative of a school teacher whose father had raised his six children alone following the death of his wife.

Quickly becoming commercialised, rising in popularity and then made official as a National celebration, Father’s Day spread to other parts of the world, particularly to France where we now celebrate it on the third Sunday of June.

What would an original gift idea be to celebrate Dad?

Are you looking for an original, somewhat unusual idea for Father’s Day? We have the perfect gift for you: a jar of Lillikougs!

Infused with Damson plum, Poire Williams, Alsace Kirsch as well as Marc de Gewurztraminer, our delicate Gugelhupf
mini pastries topped with a heady alcoholic syrup see the gourmet pairing of two great Alsatian traditions: biscuit-making and distillery!

Bocal de cinq Lillikougs (petit gâteau en pâte et forme de Kougelhopf) immergés dans de l'eau-de-vie de Quetsche, idéal pour la fête des papa !Bocal de cinq Lillikougs (petits gâteaux en pâte et forme de Kougelopf) immergés dans de l'eau-de-vie à la Poire, idéal pour la fete des papa !Bocal de cinq Lillikougs (petits gâteaux en pâte et forme de Kougelopf) immergés dans du Kirsch, idéal pour la fete des papa !Bocal de cinq Lillikougs (petits gâteaux en pâte et forme de Kougelopf) immergés dans du marc de vin Gewurztraminer, idéal pour la fete des papa !

A beautiful tribute to our know-how and the arts of our local lands, this original creation from our pastry chefs is sure to become a firm favourite in celebration of your Dad

Looking for more gift ideas to spoil your Dad on Father’s Day?

Our Maison has even more products in the shop for you to explore, so you’ll be sure to find that perfect gift for Dad! Confectionery, soft almond biscuits, all-butter biscuits, coconut macaroons, and even gingerbreadCrafted with love, our specialities are laden with the little details that stir big emotions, ensuring you’ll find that hidden nugget to make your Dad’s day.

If you browse through one of our shops, let yourself be blown away by the sophisticated flowers we have growing there! Flowers are often the preferred gift, suitable for any festive occasion! Those from our Maison are a touch more original… Our floral rose, hibiscus, poppy and geranium-infused delicacies are borne of an altogether unexpected meeting of the creaminess of a rich almond paste and subtle essential oil essences. As a mixed bunch - Les Floralies - or even hand-picked arrangements (which can only be put together personally in the shop); these little bunches say “I love you” with so much tenderness to share: the perfect gift to show your Dad just how much you love him!

Floralies: 3 heart-shaped soft biscuits with rose, hibiscus and poppy fragrances.

Rose Délice, heart-shaped soft biscuit with rose fragrance.
Géranium Délice, heart-shaped soft biscuit with geranium fragrance.

Floralies only available in shops

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