The Macaron de Riquewihr®, our leading speciality

Published: 2018-10-10 10:52:27
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Classic Macaroon

An original delight…

A Maison original: The coconut macaroon is our best-selling speciality. It was an instant hit and in less than two years, this little, ribbed dome of sweet joy has already won over customers from across Europe. Now christened as the Macaron de Riquewihr®, it continues to delight a growing number of customers looking for a sweet treat.

Shredded coconut and cane sugar are the key elements in its recipe. These key ingredients haven't changed since the creation of this recipe, and we've used them as a base to perfect and create a huge variety of flavours, each one even more delicious and decadent than the last. Chocolate, passionfruit, rum & raisin, and even pistachio… Whatever the flavour, each mouthful of these delightful biscuits offers the palette a sumptuous experience - joy truly is in the little things.

They say that imitation is the highest form of our flattery, and as our Coco Macaron has risen in popularity, it's now often imitated, although nowhere has managed to successfully recreate our macaroon's unrivalled, melting softness and unique taste . We won't reveal all our secrets, but its hand-selected ingredients and the strict respect of the original recipe are what make this "bredele" an unrivalled and exquisite champion.

The values of our Maison

The Macaron de Riquewihr® perfectly embodies what "bredele" is to us, representing the spirit and values of our Maison.

Generosity: Baked fresh in all our stores, the magnificently sweet aroma of our Macaron de Riquewihr® drifts out onto the streets, seducing passers-by, locals and visitors to our beautiful region alike, inviting them in to discover our delicacies.

Sharing: If you haven't visited us in-store yet, you're in for an extra sweet surprise, as it's not unusual to be greeted by one of our team members offering you a Macarons de Riquewihr®, so that you can discover the exquisite taste of Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie for yourself. This welcoming touch is a perfect example of our desire to share experiences together. This way, we open up a dialogue between us, paving the way for us to improve our products and services, but also opening up endless possibilities for future recipes and how we can cater to your pleasure…

20 years of passion

In 2016, to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we reworked our Macaron de Riquewihr®, inspired by the idea of using a special ingredient that would mark the occasion and that would represent our raison d'être, our driving motivations. Passionfruit seemed like a natural choice - it's subtly acidic flavour, lifted by the warming and comforting notes of ginger and vanilla came together wonderfully to create this limited edition Macaron de Riquewihr®:| A delicious example of what happens when the bold and the traditional unite.

Endless creativity

For a few years now, we've been regularly releasing new, limited editions of our recipes, which naturally and harmoniously fit in with our permanent collections. Our latest creation? A banana chocolate chip Macaron de Riquewihr®: A deliciously nostalgic treat, adored by our customers…

You can enjoy all of the variations of our coconut speciality in our Toujours selection, along with our limited editions of the moment…

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