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    This assortment gives pride of place to our Macaron de Riquewihr® and its various, irresistible versions. The coconut comes together with top-end ingredients to give you an experience of exquisite flavour combinations…

    380 g packet

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    This assortment contains

    This assortment features our whole collection of Macarons de Riquewihr®:

    • The Macaron de Riquewihr® - Classic
    • The Macaron de Riquewihr® - Chocolate
    • The Macaron de Riquewihr® - Rum & raisin
    • The Macaron de Riquewihr® - Pistachio
    • The Macaron de Riquewihr® - Banana chocolate chip
    • The Macaron de Riquewihr® - Passionfruit 

    A multiplicity of flavours

    Our Toujours Assortment shines the spotlight on our very first, historic speciality: the Macaron de Riquewihr®. In this assortment, you'll discover the original recipe, unchanged since its creation in 1996, made with coconut and cane sugar. Not to mention its equally as delicious yet unique versions, that will introduce you to a whole new, incomparable taste experience…

    • The Macaron de Riquewihr® - Chocolate: An inevitably decadent pairing! For this creation, our biscuitiers have worked chocolate chips into the Macaron de Riquewihr®'s mixture, which exquisitely melt during the baking process… The result? A sumptuously smooth and rich chocolate flavour.
    • The Macaron de Riquewihr® - Rum & raisin: A surprising but winning combination. We let the raisins soak for a long time in high-quality rum before using them to fill this delightful dome. A gorgeous meeting of tropical ingredients and our region's traditions.
    • The Macaron de Riquewihr® - Pistachio: A rare and well-balanced combination of coconut and this precious, green nut. An authentic pistachio paste adds an elegant flavour and stunningly smooth texture.
    • The Macaron de Riquewihr® - Banana chocolate chip: A "devilishly nostalgic" creation. Made with banana purée and melt-in-the-mouth chocolate chips, this creation is certainly a delicious temptation!
    • The Macaron de Riquewihr® - Passionfruit: The tropical union of these two juicy fruits gives this delicacy a sunny disposition…

    The creativity and all the expertise of our Maison is expressed through these delectable creations. Which would you choose?

    When tradition meets innovation!

    Combining the tropical tones of coconut with ingredients sourced from our region into the recipe for this traditional Bredele, our ancestors were boldly creating delicacies that seemed ahead of their times. Today, we've created numerous versions based on this Macaron de Riquewihr® (or the macaroon, as you may know it), all following the same logic: They're "Toujours" ["always"] more daring, seeking out even more decadence.

    In our Macaron de Riquewihr®, you'll discover our veritable trademark: a "one for one" of tradition and creation.

    Our serving tips

    With our assortment, each of our little domes of joy will introduce you to the pleasure of the Macaron de Riquewihr® with a "different groove", but you can be sure that all of them will offer up a moment of irresistibly delicious bliss. Perfect to share over a coffee!

    Our Maison is going to let you in on a little secret that will enable you to enjoy all the flavours and aromas of out Macaron de Riquewihr® at its finest: Place them in the oven at 180°C for just a few minutes, and you'll be able to enjoy the fantastic, sweet aromas drifting through your home, not to mention that added crunch to the delicacy's exterior…

    Coconut 38.5%, sugar, EGG, dextrose, flour (GLUTEN), chocolate chips (sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, emulsifier: SOYA lecithin, vanillin), inverted sugar, raisin, chocolates (sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa, powdered MILK, cocoa paste, emulsifier: SOYA lecithin, vanilla flavouring, vanilla extract, spices), purées: passionfruit - banana, humectant: sorbitol, PISTACHIO paste (PISTACHIO 48.4%, sugar, flavouring, colouring: E141 - lutein), rum, candied ginger, powdered vanilla.

    All our products are made in a bakery which uses wheat flour (gluten), milk (lactose), eggs, nuts (almond, hazelnut, pistachio, walnut), sesame, soya derivative, peanuts and ingredients which may contain traces of sulphites.

    Nutritional values per 100g

    Energy 1872 kj
    Energy 449 kcal
    Fats 26 g
    > Of which saturates 22 g
    Carbohydrates 45 g
    > Of which sugars 35 g
    Fibre 6.7 g
    Protein 5.4 g
    Salt 0.12 g
    Alcohol 0.2 g

    Store in a cool, dry place.

    To make sure you experience the best flavours and textures our speciality has to offer, we recommend enjoying it within 30 days of shipment from our Atelier. So you can enjoy the indulgence at its finest.

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