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  • Recipe: Savoury Kougelhopf...

    Published : 2019-03-08

    Try making this unrivalled king of Alsace aperitifs at home, in a delicious savoury version: the Kougelhopf!

  • Recipe: Festive verrine

    Published : 2018-11-29

    Create the perfectly elegant Christmas dessert: A marscapone, cinnamon and apple verrine, sat atop a bed of gingerbread crumble…

  • Types of Bredele

    Published : 2018-11-08

    "Bredele" may not be a word you've come across before, but behind it hides a whole world of baking traditions, that we dearly want to pass onto current and future generations…

  • The Macaron de Riquewihr®, our leading speciality

    Published : 2018-10-10

    The Macaron de Riquewihr®, our best-selling take on a classic macaroon, is not only the perfect example of our biscuit expertise, but also represents the values forging the identity of our Maison.

  • Recipe: Damson plum tart

    Published : 2018-09-27

    An autumnal treat! A traditional damson plum recipe, just like they love in Alsace…

  • Recipe: Alsace Rhubarb Tart

    Published : 2018-09-27

    A simple yet delectable recipe for a rhubarb tart topped with meringue. The tart "à l'alsacienne" is sure to be a hit with fans of tangy rhubarb, and with any foodie, full-stop!

  • Recipe: mirabelle plum tart

    Published : 2018-08-28

    A fruity, summer delight! Ultra-simple, yet ultra-tasty, you're sure to love this Alsace-style mirabelle plum tart.